1.18 Divergent World Views, Elusive Harbingers, and UFO UAP Semantics - After Hours

1.18 | January 25, 2023

After Hours | Divergent World Views, Elusive Harbingers, and UFO UAP Semantics

We kick off the show with a controversial debate: UFO or UAP? Next we share the more woo aspects of our Varginha UFO RV data. Where did the recovered wreckage and the alien bodies end up, and why were they here in the first place?

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Show Notes

The term "UAP" (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) seems to now be favored over "UFO" (Unidentified Flying Object) because it is seen as a more neutral and scientifically rigorous term. Semantics aside, could there be other reasons for this change? Is it really a beneficial change for everyone? We debate these questions with each of us having a slightly different take on this controversial topic.

Then picking up where we left off in the main show, we continue to examine our RV data on the Varginha UFO incident. Our two viewers diverge at this point. Brett's ERV session data takes us back to the origins of the downed craft and it's occupants. Where did they come from? Why are they here? David's session data follows where the recovered craft and occupants might have gone. Who took them? What might they do with their captured loot?